We know well water systems and we build them well. We know that artesian well drilling, water well construction and well water treatment systems take tremendous practical experience and technological know-how to design, build, service, and maintain.

Turn to the water treatment systems experts Maine trusts for:

  • The Well
    Steel casing and a bedrock borehole sent deep down in the earth to bring back fresh water from fissures in the bedrock formations and into the well water treatment systems.
  • The Pump System
    Plastic pipes, a submersible well water pump, a well filter, and a pressure tank all combine to create a powerful pull capable of keeping the water flowing.
  • Hydrofracture
    When an artesian well system starts to run dry, we apply pressure with a safe, environmentally sound procedure called hydrofracture—a smart, cost-saving alternative to replacing or deepening a spent well.

We are lucky to live and work in an area with abundant sources fresh water. Your family can trust ours to find yours.

Well water systems are our natural element. Talk to the certified, licensed, insured, and experienced team at Western Maine Water today.