Nobody likes poor water water pressure. Taking a shower and yelling at someone to stop running water should never have to happen in your home. Poor water pressure can also affect your household appliances and leave your garden thirsty. Why go with a traditional tank and settle for 40psi when you can get 70psi!*

Here at Western Maine Water, we are the professionals that know how to upgrade your current well system to a state of the art constant pressure system, or boost your city water pressure using a high-tech booster pump.

We use a variety of high-end pump and constant panel products.




Left: Grundfos CU301 Constant Pressure system. Fully installed with pump and fittings.

Right: Pentair Intellidrive Constant Pressure system. Fully installed with pump and fittings.

Is your pump and tank 10, 15, 20+ years old? Is your pressure switch corroded and clicking on and off frequently? Why wait until your pump and/or tank dies and pay crazy money for an emergency fix? Call us today to chat about upgrading.

All of our installed equipment comes with a 5 YEAR warranty. All of our work comes with a 1 YEAR labor warranty.


Feel the pressure. Talk to the certified, licensed, insured experts at Western Maine Water today.

*Total psi depends on a number of factors. Schedule a site visit to discuss more!