Northern New England may be one of the most water-rich regions in America but water well drilling is hard, heavy work. Maine is known for its rocky shores and New Hampshire is called the Granite State for good reason. Our groundwater doesn’t flow beneath us like a river—it hides in pockets deep in our bedrock, and deep well drilling to bring it to the surface takes technology, toughness, and skill.

Residential well digging requires a wide range of well pump installation options, a Schramm 555 water drilling rig, and an experienced water drilling and well service crew to find your best water source as fast and as affordably as possible. If you need artesian well drilling, drilled well maintenance, well repair, or other well water services, you need Western Maine Water.

  1. Our water well installation crew will arrive at your home with a deep well drilling rig and a flatbed truck filled with water.
  2. We raise the rig’s derrick and begin drilling an eight-inch borehole through the upper layers of soil and gravel until we reach solid bedrock.
  3. Once we hit bedrock, our team drills a six-inch borehole deeper still until we reach a reliable underwater source of groundwater. (This section of your artesian well won’t require steel casing as we drill through solid rock.)

At Western Maine Water, we can promise personalized customer service and complete professionalism but we can’t promise you where, and when, we will find water that works. No one can. And it is when water proves hardest to find that our experienced team proves its worth. Our expert well service crew of licensed, professional technicians has over 100 years of combined experience. We can show you all your options and help you evaluate time and costs to find the best course of action—and we stay on the job until water is found.

When we are deep well drilling, we are in our element. Talk to the certified, licensed, insured experts at Western Maine Water today.