When your job site needs artesian well drilling, geothermal system installation, or water well service, maintenance, or repair, talk to Western Maine Water.

Our team performs under pressure. We prioritize clear communication and excellent customer service. We respect you, your clients, your time, and your budget. And in a region where finding workable water sources is not always easy or straightforward, we know how to get water flowing fast.

Our certified, licensed, and insured team has over 100 years of combined experience in artesian well drilling, water well maintenance and repair, and geothermal heating and cooling systems. We have the rigs, tools, and technology you need. And we offer smart, cost-effective solutions to onsite challenges. We make sure that every water well job we do is done well.

In this field, we don’t know the facts on the ground until we dig down to find them. And in New England, nature has a way of getting in the way on a job site. While we can’t always promise when we will find water or exactly how much it will cost, we can promise you this. When you work with Western Maine Water you will always know where we are and how to reach us. How the work is progressing. And where we think the project is going. And your clients will know, too.

Western Maine Water is a family-owned company and we treat our clients like part of that family. Our strong working relationships and sterling reputation are both built on trust and a track record of success since 1998.

We want to work with you, so text our team about your next project today. (When the rig gets going, it’s hard to hear what anyone is saying—and we don’t want to miss a thing.)