When water levels drop and a well begins to run dry, homeowners start to worry. A new well can be a significant investment. At Western Maine Water, we know have other options—and we can help. We specialize in of the most powerful ways to recharge a well: hydrofracking. For most homeowners, water well hydofracking costs are far less than finding a new water source.

No matter what you may have heard about the fracking process and how fracking works in other industries, water well fracking is safe for your home and your family. Fracking for water is also environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and—most importantly—a highly effective way to restore water levels in a declining or dry well system.

Water fracking in Maine and New Hampshire works well because of how deep water wells work in our region. Our groundwater doesn’t flow beneath us like a river—it hides in pockets deep in our bedrock, and deep well drilling taps enough of these channels to create a steady flow of water. Hydrofracking water wells simply applies enough pressure to enlarge existing channels and pockets and form more fissures in and around your well’s borehole, bringing new, fresh water sources into your well.

How does fracking work at Western Maine Water?

  1. Using a specially designed hydrofracking rig with a hydraulic crane and rotating drum, our experienced well water technicians remove your previous pump from your well.
  2. Our team lowers an infalatable packer into the borehole and blow it up into a big, tough Kevlar balloon. The seal created by this balloon stops any fluid from making its way to the surface during the hydrofracking process.
  3. With the seal in place, we begin hydrofracking your well by forcing highly pressurized water below the packer and into your well, forcing new cracks into the underground geology while expanding existing channels. Suddenly, your well has many new sources of water.

While we can promise that your hydrofracturing water well costs will be well below the price of digging a new well, we can’t promise hydrofracking your well will work. No one can. We can promise clear and honest communication and superior customer service throughout the well fracking process—and to work with you to find a way forward, no matter what.

When we are hydrofracking, we are in our natural element. Contact the certified, licensed, and insured experts at Western Maine Water today to see if water well hydrofracking can save your well.